I'm a digital slave

I’m a digital slave

Hey Folks,
how do you handle your digital life?

For me it feels like I’m sitting in a trap.

The first thing I do in the morning is put off my alarm (on my iPhone) , than I start checking all my social apps.
But I don’t stop after I get up – I do it again when I’m brushing my teeth, after the shower, when I take my breakfast, when I start leaving the house, on my way to work, at work …. before I fall a sleep – every fucking minute – that is so freaky and creepy.

I’m watching permanently on the screen of my iPhone.

I’m addicted to it and can’t master it. I’m a total slave.

But why?
There happens nothing – I don’t miss anything – I have to let go.

I ask me, how would it be to have some rules for using all my digital gadgets (iPhone, Ipad, Notebook, Apple TV …) and what else would it take to have a free life?

I will try it 🙂

Here are my own digital life rules for 2017:

  • no digital stuff in my sleeping room (I bought a analog alarm clock)
  • no notifications on my cell phone (I put them all off)
  • social networks mo – sa between 6pm – 8pm (thats really really hard)
  • no media one hour before I go to sleep, no media in the first hour i wake up in the morning

Today I start my own revolution, out of the digital slavery.

I will update this article for you – so you can see how my challenge work for me 🙂

What’s coming next does really matter …

… because for me it’s a real milestone to post something here on my blog.

Since the last two years I found so many reasons not to start to blog here

  • I was not happy with the layout
  • I was not sure what I should write
  • I considered if I should write in german or english
  • I had no time
  • and I am uncertain if someone will read my writings


But there is a calling in me for a long long time to blog and NOW I’m just starting and the rest will follow.

And folks I’m not sure why, but I have to do it in english.

I’m here on this planet since 1982, but after the first 7days of 2017 NOW I’m starting to live and create my active life – No matter what.

Follow my blog if you like to see how I challenge myself, how I will grow to my own human hero and to help me to reach my goals.

My topics for the next year are:

Happiness, love and health

  • self love
  • personal growth
  • minimalism
  • vegan nutrition
  • bodyweight workout (freeletics)
  • sexual abstinence
  • abundance
  • altruism

Thank you for being part of my journey.

„Love is what we were born with. Fear is what we learned here.“
Marianne Williamson